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CantoriX Invoicing is simply the best online invoicing application choice for your business.



No, CantoriX Invoicing is a cloud based application. This means that you simply have to sign up and then login to gain access to all your information anywhere in the world.
Credit cards are not required to sign up for the free 30 day trial. Once your trial expires you will receive an email to upgrade. You will however require a Paypal account to use the standard or professional subscriptions.
Security and up-time of your online invoicing is our #1 priority. We we use the same encryption that the big banks use with a 99.80% average uptime track record. We use a state-of-art data center that hosts our applications. The database is backed nightly to multiple locations.
CantoriX Invoicing is a fully responsive website and application, this means that our application will work on any mobile device and render according to the size of your screen. We are currently working on native applications which can be installed on the iPhone and Android devices.
CantoriX Invoicing is a web based application supported by most web-browsers. You only require a web-browser with an internet connection to use CantoriX Invoicing. Please ensure cookies are enabled while accessing the CantoriX Invoicing application.


We currently only support Paypal payment gateway. Paypal is tightly integrated with CantoriX Invoicing to provide a seamless user experience when accepting online payments. We are looking to include and Stripe in the near future.
We are PCI complient and do not store any credit card details on our site or application. Our subscription billing is tightly integrated with Paypal which maintains the details of your credit card.
Our application is designed in such a way that it supports all ISO currencies in the world. Multi currency quotes, invoices and credits are supported.
CantoriX Invoicing supports multiple tax codes, tax groups and compound tax.
Absolutely. You can upload your logo which will then appear in the application, quotes, invoices and credits. Note the dimensions that are set at a maximum of 250px x 250px and supports JPEG, PNG and Gif file formats.


You can import invoices using Excel. Just download the import template, populate it with you invoice data and import.
Yes. You need to setup which currencies you would like to use. Go to “Settings-> Currencies” and click on the “Add New Currency”. This will enable multiple currencies that you can use in your invoice.
Once you have completed the invoice, click on the “Send” button, choose the template you would like use and click send. Your customer will receive an email with an HTML invoice and PDf invoice attached to download and print.
Goto “Invoices -> Manage Invoices”. In the action dropdown, select the “Download PDF” action and click OK. Your invoice will download in PDF format. You can now save and/or print the PDF.


If you configure the Payment Gateway (Settings > Payment Gateway Setup), a button will appear on your invoice, allowing your clients to make payments via credit card or a quick bank transfer. Note that we only support Paypal. We will include additional payment gateways in the near future.
Yes. Partial payments can be manually captured. Online Payments do not accept partial payments.
Payment are automatically processed if paid online when the payment gateway is configured. Alternatively you can create manual payments in the system.


You can import expenses from Excel. Simply download the import template, populate and upload.
Yes, we have included an attachment functionality to link to the expense. You can also view the attachment at any time.
Yes. Choose a customer while capturing the expense. Once this is done you will notice a button to convert the expense to an invoice.


Yes. All reports can be exported to Excel
Yes. All reports can be exported to PDF in order to print.
Yes. The Dashboard shows multiple information windows allowing you to also choose whether you would like to see your data for this financial year, calendar year, etc.

Billing / Subscription

Yes. Our Free Subscription Plan is free and do not require any credit card for sign up. Note that this is limited to 30 days only. Once your free trial expires you will be prompted to sign up for the standard or professional package.
Our system will bill you on the 1st of every month. Note that if you sign up during the month we will prorate the amount and bill you immediately, and thereafter every 1st you will be billed upfront for the full amount.
No. Your subscription will run on the old plan until the end of the month, thereafter your subscription will be downgraded.
Yes. You will be billed a prorate amount for the difference in subscription amounts based on the number of days remaining in the month.
If your subscription payment failed, the amount will be billed in the next month. You will be billed the previous month and new month. If your payment fails again, your subscription will be made inactive.
We use Paypal to process the monthly subscription billing. Paypal supports the following payment methods : Visa / Delta / Electron
MasterCard / Eurocard, Maestro and American Express