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Mobile Friendly

CantoriX Invoicing works on most devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc.). No need to install any software or apps. Simply login to our application and it will resize it according to your device.

All functions available no matter which mobile device you use.

  • Fully responsive so that content will always look good on any screen size
  • All functions available no matter which device you use



Create, Track and Send Invoices

CantoriX Invoicing allows you to create, track and send invoices to your customers anywhere, anytime.

  • Create invoices online and send them via email to your customers
  • View progress of payments against your invoices
  • Generate a credit note against an invoice or customer
  • Download invoices in PDF format

Convert Quotes into Invoices

Enjoy the ability to convert quotes into invoices.

  • Generate quotes and send via email to your customer with PDF attached.
  • Once the customer has accepted the quote easily convert the quote into an invoice.
  • Email the invoice, converted from the quote, to the customer with a PDF attached, for payment

Automatic Invoice Generation

Do you need to send a client a fixed invoice every month, or year ?

For example, you may be offering web hosting to your clients, and they are required to pay for the services once a month or once a year, no problem, CantoriX Invoicing will do this for you.

  • Create recurring invoices to be generated on a predefined time schedule.
  • Choose whether recurring invoices should, only be generated or, be sent automatically to you customers.
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Manage Expenses and Attach Files

Gain visibility of your expenses in order to manage your business expenditure.

  • A Company needs a mechanism to manage and control costs if it is to save money.
  • Money spent could be for:
  1. Goods or services for direct inputs (raw goods and materials used in the manufacture of products)
  2. Indirect material (office supplies and other expenses that do not go into a finished product)
  3. Services (temporary and contract labor, print services, etc.)
  • CantoriX Invoicing will assist in the management and control of this important aspect of your business.
  • Generate and categorize expenses.
  • Attach files (receipts, pictures etc.) to your expenses
  • Bill your customer for any expenses that you might have incurred.

Customized Email Notifications

Define your own custom email notifications for quotes, invoices, payments, payment reminders and credits.

Support for Multi-Currency Quotes and Invoices

Create customer quotes and invoices in any currency of your choice.

  • Choose a list of currencies that you would like to use
  • Create quotes or invoices in any customer currency you choose.
  • Invoices can now calculate the exchange rate for you so you don’t have to.

Late Payment Reminders

It’s a fact of life that some customers will pay their invoices late. But, it’s not always because they’re tight on cash. Sometimes they just forget. So, why not remind them?